Hillcrest House from a Client’s Mind

Imagine a person who cannot get out of bed, someone afraid of almost everyone including his own family, and a person with a major attitude chip on his shoulder. That would be me when I arrived at Hillcrest’s front door nearly 20 years ago. There is more to describe myself but suffice it to say that my problems from the past were so staggering I was nearly paralyzed with fear. Now, recovering from the worst experiences I have ever been through and living on my own for a few years, I owe so much to the staff and fellow residents for how much I have grown and changed.

Staff taught me respect by setting an example to follow and instilling these qualities into me. The group home taught me honesty, courtesy, to face reality through logical deduction, staying organized, and to treat others how one would like to be treated. It taught me to retrain my body to a regular sleep pattern, and to overcome depression through exercise and staying busy. While I continue to hear voices sometimes, staff taught me to ignore them and stay focused in the present.

The goal of the group home is to improve the lives of everyone living in the home with active therapy and discipline. The staff built my confidence by encouraging me to succeed with college, with work, and with everything I set my mind to do. The home helped me overcome my fears and learn job skills at Goodwill, find a job (that I have now worked at for 16 years), and enroll in college classes. None of these would have happened if it were not for Hillcrest House.

I cannot fully express how fortunate I am to have met the staff and residents working and living at Hillcrest. It is still one of my very favorite places to visit because the love there is extraordinary. I feel like any time I need someone they will always be there for me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without Hillcrest. I am forever in their debt for saving me and helping me to build a great life to live. It will always be a part of me.

By Greg O.